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  • rv-Intercom-bw rv-Intercom


    Intercom is a next-generation customer relationship management and messaging product designed for SaaS providers. Application owners desire more effective communication channels to build relationships with their key customers. Intercom lets application teams explore, message and engage their users in powerful ways. In realtime or set to triggers, users can be engaged for promotions, support or product feedback. Sites are finding Intercom 5-10x more effective than email. The team behind Intercom are experienced web software designers and developers. Previously we've launched two popular products which have been acquired.

    - Advising Founders, 2011

  • rv-PusherApp-bw rv-PusherApp


    "RightVentures aren't your average group. They will help you strap a rocket ship to your company, integrate it and keep you on course with the right advice and expertise throughout. Just remember to strap in."

    - Damien Tanner, PusherApp Founder, 2011

  • rv-vulcun-bw rv-vulcun



    - Advising Founders, 2011

  • Iron.io Iron.io


    "RightVentures was our first advisor and investor. They believed in us when we were still a couple guys in a garage. Their track record, deep connections, and infectious energy gave us the confidence to raise a much bigger round with additional fantastic, well respected investors. Now our growth is a hockey stick with a healthy seed round in the bank all thanks to RightVentures creating that critical inflection point.

    We can't wait to build even more momentum alongside RightVentures, whether it be on a whiteboard, over a longboard, or in a board room."

    - Chad Arimura CEO & Co-Founder Iron.io, 2011

  • rv-ftopia-bw rv-ftopia


    "We've been so lucky to have Jonathan investing early on. It's not just about funding -- actually one might consider paying to have RightVentures involved! The amount of energy, knowledge and ideas spurring from them has no parallel."

    - Philippe Honigman CEO & Founder, 2009

  • rv-bounce-bw rv-bounce


    "RightVentures has been right-friggin-awesome.

    Jonathan is trail blazer and saw the potential of turning bounced email into recurring revenue and real-time threat intelligence right away. We are lucky to have him on the bounce.io team!

    - Scott Brown, Founder, 2013

  • rv-strikingly-bw rv-strikingly


    "Edith from RightVentures is our first advisor and has been with us since the beginning. Her incredible energy and insightful knowledge in the mobile internet market has inspired us to take Striking.ly to the next level. She also provided us with her expertise in user acquisition to help us lay out our marketing plan. Most important of all, she cares about our team and shares our convictions and beliefs.

    We feel very lucky and grateful to have Edith on our side, and we definitely recommend anyone to seek advice from RightVentures."

    - David Chen, COO, 2012

  • rv-mightytext-bw rv-mightytext


  • rv-syntellia-bw rv-syntellia


    "Right Ventures has brought us incredibly valuable advice, connections, and have been very supportive of our team and business throughout the process.

    It's a rare thing for a VC firm to understand your business plan not just to assess an investment, but to genuinely find ways to help and add value. If you are raising funding, I highly recommend you try to work with them.

    And, for what it's worth, they are really fun people to work with too!"

    - Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO, 2012

  • rv-leanstartup-bw rv-leanstartup


    Lean Startup Machine

    - Advising Founders, 2014

  • Argon.io Argon.io




  • rv-saambaa-bw rv-saambaa


  • rv-babyjunk-bw rv-babyjunk


    "After our first pitch to Jonathan, I'm pretty sure he understood our business model better than we did. His insight, introductions, and investment have been invaluable. We count ourselves lucky to be part of the RightVentures network."

    - Garth Humbert, Cofounder BabyJunk, 2012

  • rv-bioiq-bw rv-bioiq


  • rv-42floors-bw rv-42floors


  • rv-littlebird-bw rv-littlebird


  • rv-circleci-bw rv-circleci


    "CircleCi makes Continuous Integration and Deployment as a service. In practice, this is a Platform as a Service designed for testing. Jonathan's expertise has been instrumental in getting us where we are today. He has advised us on every part of our business, from hardcore backend technology, to connections and fundraising advise, to help with customer acquisition and marketing. He has been an invaluable partner and ally on our journey."

    - Paul & Allen, Founders, 2012

  • rv-sharespost-bw rv-sharespost


    "In Jonathan Siegel I've found a unique combination of computer science Ph.D. rubyist, scrappy entrepreneur with successful exits and an investor who seizes upon a variety of opportunities. He provided valued insight from the early days of SharesPost."

    - Sam Hayes, Co-Founder, 2009

  • rv-bentpixels-bw rv-bentpixels


    "Here's a mental image for you - our Ferrari 458 has come in for a pit stop - Jonathan is running around the front with his higher octane fuel (much higher octane than we were aware ever existed) and he's now filling our tank. We are excited to get back out front of the race with Jonathan advising our growth!!

    Original video content is both art form and intellectual property. It’s the product of creators or companies who have substantial investment in money, ideas and time. Bent Pixels helps video rights owners capture the most revenue from their content on YouTube."

    - Mike Pusateri, Founder/CEO, 2013

  • rv-pack-bw rv-pack


    "Edith and Jonathan were some of Pack's earliest investors, friends and champions. They're the sort of people who have your back when things get tough and celebrate from the heart when things go well. We're incredibly fortunate to have them on our side as Pack grows."

    - Megan Casey, Founder/CEO, 2013

  • Aluminum.io Aluminum.io




  • rv-easypost-bw rv-easypost


    "Long before RightVentures invested in EasyPost, they were my go to for advice on various aspects of building a cloud company. As operators, their feedback on sales, marketing, pricing was invaluable, as was their technical expertise.

    If your goal is to build a real business, RightVentures is the best partner you'll find. EasyPost now has over 30 investors and without question RightVentures is our most valuable one."

    - Jarrett Streebin, Founder, 2013

  • rv-cloudacademy-bw rv-cloudacademy


    Cloud Academy is a platform to maximize your cloud computing skills. We help members learn or update their skills by providing an adaptive, rich, broad content set, made of individual tests, courses and certifications. We use our CloudRank technology to improve skills and opportunities of our members in a unique way.

    - Stefano Bellasio, Founder, 2013

  • rv-pingboard-bw rv-pingboard


  • rv-transifex-bw rv-transifex


    Transifex offers agile technology companies a cloud-based platform that allows developers to integrate translation rapidly and seamlessly into their continuous development process.

    "Jonathan from RightVentures saw the vision behind Transifex right away. He's one of those rare people who are super inspiring and just 'make things happen', both key for a founder's early investors and advisors."

    - Dimitris Glezos, Founder & CEO, Transifex, 2014

  • rv-exitround-bw rv-exitround


    "From the moment I met Jonathan he was full of relevant ideas. His experience buying and selling companies gives him a unique 'inside' perspective to our product, and he's equally as energetic talking about strategy and business models as he is about product design and features."

    - Jacob Mullins, Founder, 2014

  • rv-mavrx-bw rv-mavrx


  • rv-appzen-bw rv-appzen


    "Jonathan's ability to quickly understand the crux of our business and bubble up whats important and we should focus on is amazing. He brings all his experience building startups to the table and help us create a metric driven plan."

    - Anant Kale, Founder, 2015

  • rv-gravitational-bw rv-gravitational




  • rv-Dolphin-bw rv-Dolphin


    "RightVentures believes in us. They are all about making things happen and adding value. It's not just about making intros to investors or partnership contacts, they truly care about our brand and making a dent in the world. We want to change the world and they are there with us. I highly recommend them."

    - Yongzhi Founder, 2011

  • rv-BizTech-bw rv-BizTech


    BizTechDay delivers insights, research and best practices on the way our audience should do business with small businesses. We work hard to discover the most innovative strategies, technologies and tools in working with small businesses. Over 6000 members receive our weekly newsletter every week.

    - Founder, 2008



  • rv-leftronic-bw rv-leftronic


  • rv-Exceptional-bw rv-Exceptional


    Exceptional tracks errors in web apps. It reports them in real-time and gathers the info you need to fix them fast.

    Acquired by Rackspace (NYSE:RAX) March, 2013.

    - Lead Investor, 2011

  • rv-airbrake-bw rv-airbrake


    Airbrake tracks errors in web apps. It reports them in real-time and gathers the info you need to fix them fast.

    Acquired by Rackspace (NYSE:RAX) March, 2013.

    - Lead Investor, 2011

  • rv-redistogo-bw rv-redistogo


    Redis is the in-memory data structure of choice for enlightened technologists.

    Acquired by Rackspace (NYSE:RAX) March, 2013.

    - Lead Investor, 2011

  • rv-zencoder-bw rv-zencoder


    "If you're a cloud service like Zencoder, you want to have RightVentures on your team. Not (just) for the money, but for the advice, connections, mentoring, energy, and wisdom that they bring. Jonathan has been enormously helpful to Zencoder, and comes highly recommended."

    - Jon Dahl, Founder & CEO, 2012

  • rv-RightScale-bw rv-RightScale


    One of the first Cloud managament platforms. Siegel cofounded RightScale with Thorsten von Eicken in his garden shed in 2006. In early 2007, Siegel hired RightScale's CEO Michael Crandell. In 2009, Siegel exited RightScale to its existing investors Benchmark and Index Capital.

    - Founder & Lead Investor, 2006

    RightScale launched December 31st, 2006 as AWS Console. View the launch video:

  • rv-CloudKick-bw rv-CloudKick


    CloudKick is the leader in server monitoring and visualization. CloudKick was acquired by RackSpace in December 2010.

    - Advisor to the Founders, 2010

  • rv-scalextreme-bw rv-scalextreme


    Cloud Management 2.0

    - Advising Founders, 2012

  • rv-BitTorrent-bw rv-dummy_project_logo


    The leading P2P file transfer client and network protocol.

    - Company Advisor, 2011

  • Amir Nathoo of WebMynd Amir Nathoo of WebMynd


    "The RightVentures team are seriously value-add: they're operators themselves so it's not just about intros to other investors and bus devt contacts. They can dive into code, figure out user acquisition and advise based on experience of all aspects of starting up. They are also enormous fun to work with if you can keep up with the pace!

    I would recommend working with RightVentures to any founder."

    - Amir Nathoo, CEO & Founder

  • rv-RightCart-bw rv-RightCart


    A copy and paste shopping cart ahead of its time. Acquired in 2007 by Buy.com.

    - Founder, 2006

  • rv-Heroku-bw rv-Heroku


    Ruby on Rails (and more) platform as a service (PaaS). Acquired by SalesForce in December 2010.

    - Advisor to the Founders, 2010

  • Eamon Leonard of Orchestra.io Eamon Leonard of Orchestra.io


    "Anyone considering if RightVentures is the right advisor for their team, should also consider if your team is the right startup for RightVentures to advise. If your team are not highly motivated, their input will be wasted on you.

    If RightVentures' contribution to your startup was measured in product advice alone, it would be valuable. When combined with market insight, industry network and an impressive entrepreneurial track record, their contribution becomes invaluable.

    Protip to those who take on Jonathan as an advisor: always be ready to take notes."

    - Eamon Leonard, CEO & Founder

    Acquired by EngineYard August, 2011.

  • ELC Technologies ELC Technologies

    Acquired by Kamran Pourzanjani in 2010

    ELC Technologies

    ELC was founded in 1991 as the BBS Electronic Connection by RightVentures partner Jonathan Siegel. ELC grew to service Fortune 500 clients in the areas of Ruby on Rails, Cloud Computing and Mobile professional services. Along the way ELC's team built RightCart, RightScale, RightSignature and many, many other creative and beautifully executed applications.

    ELC was purchased by Kamran Pourzanjani in 2010.

    - Founded

  • rv-CloudVertical-bw rv-CloudVertical


    "RightVentures have supported and helped accelerate CloudVertical since day 1 - we simply would not be where we are now without their help and advice. At every turn they provided the right introductions, added weight and credibility when we were raising venture capital, and always give sound advice and add expertise. The company, and myself, get so much value from RightVentures, I hope that we can contribute back in the future."

    "The only downside is trying to keep up with their pace! If you get the opportunity to work with the RightVentures team - take it."

    - Ed Byrne CEO & Founder, 2011

  • Copper.io Copper.io




  • rv-RightSignature-bw rv-RightSignature


    Leading the online document signing space.

    - Founder & Lead Investor, 2008

  • rv-higear-bw rv-higear


    P2P Lukury Carshare

    - Advising Founders, 2011


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7 Dec, 2011 : Iron.io announces launch [TechCrunch]

23 Aug, 2011 : Orchestra.io completes acquisition by EngineYard

18 Jul, 2011 : Dolphin completes Series A round led by Sequoia Capital.

15 Jul, 2011 : SimpleWorker is a Citrix Accelerator Finalist!

21 Dec, 2010 : CloudKick completes acquisition by RackSpace.

8 Dec, 2010 : Heroku signs acquisition by Salesforce.

We are currently looking to meet great companies in the Cloud and Mobile space.

Jonathan Siegel

Jonathan Siegel is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor to many cloud companies.

Jonathan is the founder of 4 Internet companies: ELC Technologies (acquired by PriceGrabber’s Kamran Pourzanjani), RightCart (acquired by Buy.com), RightScale, and RightSignature.

In 2010, Jonathan joined Accel Partners London before returning to San Francisco in March 2011. He has been on Amazon’s Web Services customer advisory board since 2008.

Jonathan speaks frequently on mobile and cloud computing. He is passionate about supporting founders of early stage tech start-ups.


Jonathan Siegel

Edith Yeung

Edith is a founding partner at RightVentures. Her focus is mobile and consumer internet companies. Edith previously worked with AT&T Wireless, Oracle, Siebel, Autodesk, Cisco, Telstra and Hungary Telecom.

Prior to joining RightVentures, Edith founded BizTechDay, the insightful voice of news, events & research for the SMB internet market and SFentrepreneur, San Francisco's 3700+ member-entreprenuers.

Edith has appeared on CBS, NPR, Wall Street Journal and is frequently quoted in Read Write Web, Small Business Trends and others.

Edith speaks frequently on mobile, women and international entrepreneurship. She is passionate about helping founders of tech start-ups.


Edith Yeung